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Why should you study at our school?

Master Igor Tunik is the Chief-instructor and spokesman of the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association and its representative school Traditional Wing Chun Academy Ukraine and CIS. He is attested by Grandmaster William Cheung and is his personal disciple.


Talking about the choice of Wing Chun style, Sifu Tunik is sure that it is only an instrument of reaching an aim, a method of teaching. “If someone is stating that their style is the best, most likely, they don’t understand what they are talking about. This question is an individual matter and depends on many factors, and if this are the words of an instructor – this is just a business or an honest misunderstanding,” Sifu says.

Like any other style, Wing Chun can be applied in a real street combat. Its effectiveness depends only on the aim for which a person strives, on their moral and spiritual qualities, and of course, on their gained life experience. But Wing Chun cannot be unambiguously called a fighting art. “Learning a technique of bare hands is not a martial art,” Sifu Tunik says. “Martial arts are not about learning how to fight, but how to accept death if there are no other ways to complete the task, and have not even a slightest doubt if it is necessary to take an enemy’s life. Trust me, this is nothing romantic, there is only a deep philosophical meaning of fleetingness of life and professionalism, which is necessary for solving the task. I understood  long time ago that according to the laws of world creation, everything returns. What do you want to sow so that it returns to you as a realization of your thoughts? I do not teach this art any more. This is my conscious choice and I sincerely want you to understand this when you are coming to the hall to train. Otherwise you will be disappointed by wasting the time or, to be more precise, life, because life consists of this time.”

The main reason why a person goes to train martial arts is fighting fears. Usually people come to the hall to become more self-confident, win over the fear that they may be attacked. Various schools of martial arts offer to solve this issue of lack of psychological readiness by aggression in a fight and by persuading a student that he or she is omnipotent. But the real life will completely crash them. “That is why I am sure that in a gym the word “martial” has no practical value,” Sifu says. “This is what we explain immediately to the people who come to us. This allows us to stay honest with ourselves and our students. In order to win over the fears there are many effective approaches, starting with hitting and pain techniques and finishing with a system of survival in extreme (new, unpredictable) situations. And our aim is spiritual and psychophysical development, as this is exactly what allows a Person to cope with their fears, which, probably, keeps them from living.”

Sifu Tunik keeps repeating to his students that fear cannot be suppressed, it needs to be understood and managed. That is why the main focus of training is on relaxation, through which the students react adequately to the actions of their opponent, without waiting for a punch. Relaxing unnecessary tense muscles sometimes happens with the help of overload, physical or psychical, because when a person looks at a situation from the side and relaxes at the moment of biggest tension, then in everyday life it will be much easier to do. By tracing unnecessary tensions in the body and relaxing them, the unnecessary tensions in the brain are removed as well. By learning to get rid of unnecessary tension of muscles that do not need to be active at a certain moment, Academy students learn to perceive the reality in the current moment, without getting distracted by fears from the past, opinions of others or worrying about future.

Although he has already reached a status of Sifu, and disregarding his experience and mastery, Sifu Tunik says he will always remain a student. “I am just a person and just like you, I don’t know the exact time of my life’s ending,” he says. “This is what lets me live in such a way, that each of my breath is filled with Life by maximum.”

Quote: Life is empty and senseless, and it depends only on us what sense we give to it.

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